Why do business with us

Instead of writting job ads online and waiting we opt for a pro-active method based on the hunt for candidates already in position through software and in-house development processes. The investment is bigger for us but the return is better for you.

Our expertise

We are niched in corporate sales - our research and recruitment team is made of passionate salespeople.

Qualification of the candidate

We like to test and challenge the candidates we present to assess the level of confidence and determination. They are presented to you only if they pass our selection process.

Time optimization

Every minute is precious; your time, the candidate’s time and our time shall not be wasted. You will be amazed by the efficiency of our processes and service.


Several tools will be available to your new employee such as methods to target the decision-maker, get an appointment, close, etc...


When it’s time to onboard your new rep we will train him/her to cold-call decision makers to be sure that the newly hired have the right attitude. This is a real-life training session.


Since we are overly selective in our process we are pleased to offer you a replacement guarantee due to sudden departure or dismissal.

Rigorous process

Our processes are designed to spot candidates who have outstanding results in their industry and ensure they can put their potential to your benefit.

Frequently asked questions

First you have the entire hiring process for the candidate but also the training for it and the replacement guarantee.

Everything is relative to your criteria and the complexity of your industry but usually you have a new employee ready to work in 2 weeks.

We also have accounts manager but we make sure that they are able to do customer prospecting in case there is less sale.